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What we do

We are engaged in research and development centered around the use of drones for the detection and understanding of great white sharks

Advanced Optical Designs

Develop optical solutions to resolve key issues in sub-surface aerial imaging. The vast experience gained over the past few years has yielded tremendous insight into the challenges we face. The testing and development of advanced optical hardware will be a primary focus moving forward.

Shark behavior

Continue to lead the way in the study and understanding of nearshore great white behavior. Understanding of nearshore behavior is essential to the optimization of any early warning system as well as to understanding its limitations. This research is long overdue.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to identify threats in real time. We have compiled what we believe may well be the most comprehensive data set of aerial great white shark images in existance. These images will enable our engineers to utilize advanced methods in machine learning to develop world leading AI.

Aviation Systems

Optimize all flight parameters. Understanding the limitations of current drone technology as well as the regulatory environment is key to making the most of these systems. We have expertise in aviation systems from both engineering and piloting perspectives.

Hardware/Software Solutions

Solve key issues related to real time image processing through optimization in terms of hardware configurations and data flow, minimization of computational requirements, and parallel computing.

Intellectual Property

Build out a strong patent portfolio that will add real value to our company. A strong patent portfolio will enable us to both protect our work as well as attract the additional investment that will be necessary for further development.

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Support the Cape Cod Ocean Community

The CCOC is a non-profit dedicated to the support and implementation of shark safety measures on Cape Cod

Provide Drone Footage

Your drone footage can help us improve our shark detection algorithms as well as our understanding of shark behavior.

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people behind the vision

We have expertise in optics, image processing, machine learning, systems engineering and aviation

Kristian Sexton, PhD

Scientist / Engineer / Pilot / CEO

Kristian Sexton grew up sailing and surfing the waters of Cape Cod. He has returned in the hopes of making it such that the next generation has the same chance to enjoy the ocean that he had. Kristian earned an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Hawaii where he conducted research under a NASA space grant fellowship. After a brief stint in aerospace he went on to complete a PhD in biomedical engineering in the Optics in Medicine Lab at Dartmouth College. Prior to founding Moosh Systems, Kristian spent most of the previous ten years working on the development of optical systems for medical imaging, diagnostics and surgical robotics. Kristian is also a commercial pilot and flight instructor with over 1400 flight hours including experience flying in Hawaii, Alaska and East Africa.

Elise Danko

Research Fellow

Elise completed a research felloship at Moosh Systems between here junior and senior years of high school. She spent the summer of 2021 on Cape Cod collecting data to better understand nearshore great white behavior with her work supported by the Kay Fellowship through 'Iolani School in Honolulu, HI. Elise has been involved in all aspects of data collection and analysis. Inspired by the work she completed at Moosh Systems, Elise is now pursuing an engineering degree at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Rob Holt, PhD

Director of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

Rob Holt grew up in New Hampshire and graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire with degrees in both physics and mathematics. He went on to complete a PhD in physics at Dartmouth College with his research focused on 3D image reconstruction. Rob has spent much of the last ten years developing algorithms to process medical images. He specializes in object identification and classification with vast experience in machine learning methods. Rob now divides his time between MathWorks and Moosh Systems.

John Reuland

Aviation Advisor / Pilot

John Reuland grew up sailing and surfing the waters of Cape Cod. He was commissioned as an Ensign from the United States Naval Academy in 2005. John has over 2,000 hours flying combat helicopters off Nimitz class aircraft carriers and Arleigh Burke class destroyers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and the Global War on Terror. Upon graduating from the Defense Language Institute John served as a NATO exchange officer and pilot to the French Navy. After a tour on the Chief of Naval Operations’ Staff at the Pentagon, John completed his 5th deployment with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group in 2019 and currently serves as a Commander in the US Navy Selective Reserves. He received an MBA from Boston College as a McMullen Fellow and lives in Boston, MA.

John Sigman, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Johnny Sigman is an electrical engineer and scientist with specialty in forward and inverse problems in electromagnetic sensing, and in modern machine learning techniques. He received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia and the Ph.D. degree at Dartmouth College. During a postdoc in Duke University's Electrical and Computer Engineering department, he led a team of multi-discplinary and multi-institution researchers under Transportation Security Administration (TSA) funding. This project led to the development of deep convolutional models for threat detection in X-ray scans of carry-on luggage.

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