Incredible Feedback

"The Moosh Systems approach of using drones to study white shark behavior is a breakthrough in applying modern science to enhance public safety. Not only will we learn a great deal about the sharks and how they use an area like Cape Cod beaches, but these systems can also be used to alert beachgoers in real time and thus reduce the chances of an interaction with one of these great sea predators."
-- Dr. Bob Hueter, Chief Scientist, OCEARCH

"I had the good fortune to see this system in use on the beaches of Cape Cod and was both delighted and concerned at the ease with which we were able to detect and view great white sharks patrolling the ocean close to the beach. As birders we tend to be quite observant yet despite our powerful binoculars we would never have known these large sharks were present just yards from us as we searched the horizon for shearwaters and other seabirds."
-- Mike Parr, President of the American Bird Conservancy

Other Great Quotes

“... and the Cape is a really ideal place to do this because we have beautiful white sandy bottoms that provide great contrast with the body of the animal”
-- Megan Winton, Scientist, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (in reference to spotting sharks from the air)

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